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Who We Serve

Our clients are typically those whose lives are in transition and seek the financial calm we strive to provide.

It’s been said that a company’s clients say more about it than any marketing literature possibly can. Our clients tend to be family-oriented and care not just about the extent of their wealth, but the freedom, opportunity, and security it provides.

Our clients include those who’ve built businesses, achieved significant corporate success, received wealth through an estate plan or marriage settlement, and those whose wealth is multi-generational.

Our clients tend to view their assets as a non-renewable, irreplaceable resource. This means financial decisions must be made prudently and in a manner that enables them to confidently maintain their lifestyle and legacy.

People facing transitional milestones
Major transitions in life can be a time of upheaval. As people experience these events—the passing of a spouse, divorce, retirement, the sale of a business—there’s often an increased need for financial order and stability.

Our prudent approach to planning and investing appeals to people at key financial junctures where they can’t afford to make a mistake. We know the return of assets is often more important than the return on assets.

Our special appeal to women
Long before it became common for wealth management firms to market to women, RZH Advisors was attracting women without marketing to them at all. Today, many of our clients are women, most on their own financially for the first time through the passing of a spouse or divorce.

At RZH Advisors, women find not only the expertise required to grow and preserve their wealth, but a genuine, compassionate understanding of their needs and concerns. In part, we believe our appeal is due to the emphasis we place on helping all our clients live with freedom from financial fear.


Who We Are

We’re a wealth management firm that combines financial sophistication with down-to-earth care.

RZH Advisors is a privately owned, independent wealth management firm passionate about helping empower people to confidently enjoy their wealth.

To accomplish this, we immerse ourselves in the lives of our clients and strive to know them far better than other firms. As a result, our approach to managing wealth helps lead to decisions that address every aspect of a client’s life.

We pride ourselves on meticulous service, obsessive attention to detail, and the deeply felt manner in which we care for our clients. We can provide every client with the hands-on attention of our principals: Carl Zuckerberg, Spencer Cooper and Lauren Rowland.

Driven by a desire to meet the specific goals of each client, we are rigorous in our approach and small enough to provide every client with personalized attention and care. Importantly, we’re determined to remain that way. In the end, that enables us to better serve the clients we embrace.

One of our most defining practices, one we believe helps to sets us apart in our industry, is that our Principals typically invest side-by-side with our clients, placing our own assets in every investment in which we place our clients’ wealth. This demonstrates the integrity of our investment analysis and our commitment to recommend only investments in which we have complete confidence. In the words of Warren Buffet, “we eat our own cooking.”

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Let’s Chat

One of the most important relationships you can have starts with a simple phone call.

We believe the relationship you have with the people managing your wealth is of enormous importance. After all, decisions will be made that will affect your wealth, your lifestyle, your peace of mind, your family, and generations to follow.

At RZH Advisors, this relationship typically starts with a brief phone conversation. If you’re interested in taking our discussion to the next stage, we’ll schedule another lengthier conversation—one that will give you a chance to learn more about us, and give us a chance to start getting to know you.

We hope to hear from you soon. Feel free to call us at 203.355.0880—or complete the form below and we’ll contact you.

Our investment strategies are most effective for portfolios of $3 million and above.